Website design

IM Sourcing

IM Sourcing is a distribution channel of redistributed computer parts for resellers. Their website showcases different sales programs.

IMS commerce

IMS store is an online portal and e-commerce website for the distribution of manufacturer computer parts. The website showcases a lightweight user interface.

Prism Capital

Prism Capital brings extensive experience and resources to help management teams assess and capitalize on business opportunities.

Delta wellness

Our Mission is to help you regain and retain optimum health using alternative medicine, symptom relief, corrective care and total wellness.

Appnode is a platform that facilitates online content discovery. The UI implements advanced navigation and usability solutions along side with cutting edge techniques.

Aerografie is an online portfolio designed for showcasing an airbrush paintings gallery and for publishing news and events within the company.

Mag Tuning is an online store dedicated to auto enthusiasts. Here you can order a wide range of car tuning kits, parts and components.

Elita Medicala is an online platform designed to connect physicians and patients. The content is rigorously and professionally checked in order to maintain the highest standards of quality and user experience.

Early is the online portfolio of Constantine Advertising creative agency. The websites graphics are harmoniously designed with the latest online trends in mind.

Gramma is a presentation website dedicated to communicating the values and the personality of Gramma wines in a new direction: that of the smart conversation.

Logo design

Print design

Presentation brochure of Elita Medicala

This brochure is designed to highlight the value proposition and the quality of services offered by Elita Medicala to patiens and physicians. The brochure's main objective is to establish a solid reputation in the perception of the target audience.

UI graphics for mobile devices

Bino Menu Android app

Bino Menu is a mobile app aimed at assisting restaurant costumers in browsing the menu offer. The user interface is lean and easy to follow. All elements are designed with information accesability and usability in mind. The app is seamlessly integrated with the order management app for waiters.

9 Mens Morris and Puzzle games

Game development at CVU Intelligente: Graphics and User interface

About me

Hello! My name is Adrian Moisa, I am 24 years old and I live in Bucharest. Besides my IT experience and design skills I can also mention my passion for art and drawing. In addition to graphic and web design projects, I worked a long time in the airbrushing and auto industry. I am also passionate about science, technology and medicine, areas that I follow and study with great interest.